Trudeau’s plan to shut down Nova Scotia’s fishing industry is a slap in the face:

September 27, 2019




Trudeau’s plan to shut down Nova Scotia’s fishing industry is a slap in the face: d’Entremont


September 26, 2019


Digby, NS– Chris d’Entremont, Conservative Candidate for West Nova, issued the following statement regarding today’s announcement that the Trudeau Liberals plan to shut down Nova Scotia’s fishing industry:

“Justin Trudeau’s promise to shut down 25 percent of Canada’s oceans by 2025, is a direct slap in the face to fishermen in West Nova and across Nova Scotia who depend on the fishery to support their families and their communities.

“For four years, Nova Scotia’s Liberal MPs stood by silently as their government undercut the consultation process that is vital to designating protected areas. As a result, Marine Protected Areas are being determined before consultation happens and fishermen and small coastal communities are being forced to fight their government to defend their interests.  This is wrong and must stop.

“West Nova deserves a strong voice in Ottawa, not another Liberal MP who won’t even stand up for jobs in his own riding. I understand that the fishery is a key economic driver in our province and I will always stand up for fishermen and fight for their right to earn a livelihood.

“Conservatives recognize that Canada must have a robust protected area system. That is why a Conservative government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Andrew Scheer, will conduct consultations with local communities and governments, business owners, and Indigenous peoples to make sure that our approach has the best interests of the communities in mind.

“A new Conservative government will stop the Liberal attack on rural communities and work with fishermen to ensure that federal government policies aren't negatively impacting their livelihoods.”


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