Canada’s Conservatives Deliver Results in First Week of Parliamentary Session

January 31, 2020

The Hon. Candice Bergen, House Leader for Canada’s Official Opposition, released the following statement highlighting the accomplishments of Canada’s Conservatives during the first week of the parliamentary session:
“This week, we made it clear to the Trudeau Liberals that there will be no free rides this parliamentary session. Through our actions this week, the Conservative team has followed through on our promise to use our strengthened opposition to deliver results for Canadians.
“Despite the opposition of Justin Trudeau, we passed our second supply day motion, calling for the Liberal government’s infrastructure plan to be audited by the Auditor General.
“With the seriousness of the coronavirus and the concern that many Canadians have with the outbreak of this virus, our Conservative caucus knew that action had to be taken. That is why Canada’s Conservatives put forward a motion in the House of Commons, which passed unanimously, to immediately recall the Health Committee to address this outbreak.
“Conservatives also took leadership in standing up for Taiwan and advocating for its observer status in the World Health Organization during the outbreak of coronavirus. After repeated questions, Justin Trudeau reluctantly changed his position and supported Taiwan receiving observer status.
“We forced the Trudeau Liberals to be transparent on a number of issues, through the tabling of over 230 Order Paper Questions. Due to this work, we learned that the Liberals spent more than $1.4 million dollars fighting Mark Norman in court, that the Middle Class Minister cannot define the middle class, and wasted $51,500 of taxpayers money on lavish food and drinks aboard the airbus on Justin Trudeau’s roundtrip to Paris.

“These tangible results show how we are fighting for the interests of Canadians in Ottawa. We will continue to make the case every single day for why our country needs a Conservative Government: for a stronger position on the world stage; for respect for taxpayers’ dollar; and for a united country."


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