Liberal Rob Oliphant’s shame for Remembrance Day

September 22, 2019

Liberals not as advertised on Canada’s Veterans

The Conservative Party today released a manifesto by Liberal MP and candidate for Don Valley West, Rob Oliphant, in which he bemoans Remembrance Day as something “used to promote the remilitarization of Canada,” and “continue towards becoming a national war-machine.”

Oliphant explains how “conflicted” he is about Remembrance Day and his belief that it tends to “glorify war.”

If it isn’t shame for Remembrance Day like that which Mr. Oliphant has, it’s lying to Veterans and telling them they’re asking for more than the Liberals can give, like Justin Trudeau infamously told one Veteran.

Liberals clearly have a problem with the men and women that have served in Canada’s military, and a problem showing them the respect they deserve.

Unlike the Trudeau Liberals, the Andrew Scheer Conservatives know our Veterans are heroes. They dedicated their lives to protecting us.  Now it is our responsibility to respect their service by doing our part to look out for them.

Under the Liberals, the number of Veterans stranded on a waitlist for financial support had ballooned to over 40,000 people – an increase of 11,000 over the previous year.

Only Andrew Scheer and Canada’s Conservatives treat Veterans with respect and deliver the supports they need in a timely manner, all enshrined in law through a just announced legislated Military Covenant, found here

Justin Trudeau and Rob Oliphant should feel absolutely ashamed of not just their own record on Veterans and Veterans support, but now their anti-Remembrance Day position.