Justin Trudeau refuses to rule out banning employee drug benefits

September 23, 2019

Trudeau’s plan means less coverage and higher prices for you

Justin Trudeau today left the door wide open to banning employer drug coverage if he’s re-elected on October 21.

When asked by journalists if his pharmacare plan would replace current employee drug plans with a government-imposed plan, Trudeau refused to answer.

In fact, the report Trudeau based this announcement on recommended an end to employee drug benefits.

Today’s announcement is a desperate attempt by Justin Trudeau to distract from his scandals.

Trudeau’s Liberals promised pharmacare in 1997 and 2004. They broke their promise then and Justin Trudeau will do it again. Trudeau cannot be trusted and he is not as advertised.

The proof that he plans to break his promise is found in the fact that Trudeau is only offering a fraction of the funding needed to achieve universal pharmacare coverage. 

To pay for his massive deficits, Justin Trudeau will cut health care funding or raise taxes on middle-class families. Liberal cuts are exactly what happened in the 1990s, cuts Trudeau said he supported.

Only Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party can be trusted to maintain and increase health care spending by 3% per year. Under a new Conservative government, Canadians will be able to count on stable and predictable health and social program funding.