Justin Trudeau cannot be trusted – he is pitting province against province, Canadian against Canadian

October 16, 2019

Trudeau calls on Québecers to fight Ontario and Alberta

Today during a press conference, Justin Trudeau called on Québecers to fight Albertans and Ontarians.

Here is what Trudeau said:

“[Q]uébecers need to stand up and fight against those like Jason Kenney and Doug Ford and other conservative politicians.”

But here is what Trudeau said just yesterday:

“Everything I tried to do in the last four years has been focused on bringing the country together. Yet we find ourselves now in a more polarized, more divisive election than even the 2015 one.”

Justin Trudeau disparages the 19 million Canadians these leaders represent. He is a hypocrite and cannot be trusted to unite Canadians. Trudeau is simply not as advertised.

Regardless of our differences, or our political views, politicians should never pit Canadians against one another. Trudeau’s comment today is unbecoming of an individual who aspires to be Prime Minister, and whose job it is to unite Canadians.

This is just another example of how Justin Trudeau will do and say anything to get re-elected, even turn Canadians against each other for his own political gain.

Andrew Scheer is a consensus builder, he has run a positive campaign focused on what leaders across provinces and cities can accomplish together, regardless of party affiliation.

The Conservative Party is the party of nation building and on October 22nd, we will start to repair the damage Justin Trudeau has done to our federation.