Justin Trudeau and the NDP: The coalition you can’t afford

October 14, 2019

Yesterday, the NDP let the cat out of the bag: They are planning to form a coalition government with Justin Trudeau if Canadians don’t elect a Conservative majority government on Oct. 21.

When asked about it today, Trudeau did not rule out a Liberal/NDP coalition, which would see NDP MPs given key cabinet positions with Trudeau as Prime Minister.

With Trudeau forced to rely on the NDP to hang on to power, what will that mean for you?

  • An even higher carbon tax. Trudeau is already planning to hike the carbon tax if he’s re-elected. But to keep the NDP happy, he’ll have to hike it even higher.
  • Fewer jobs. NDP economic policies fail everywhere they’ve been tried. With the NDP calling the shots, Trudeau will have to hike taxes, shut down industry, and kill jobs to hang on to power.
  • Even bigger deficits. To meet the NDP’s demands, Trudeau will have to spend billions more than he was already planning to, racking up huge deficits that will threaten social programs like health care.

Justin Trudeau will pay any price to stay in power. And it’s your money he will pay with.

There’s only one way for Canadians to stop this coalition that you cannot afford: Vote for Andrew Scheer and elect a Conservative majority government.

A government that will live within its means and put more money in your pockets. Because it’s time for you to get ahead.