Happy Easter - Joyeuses Pâques

I’ve heard it said the day the Lord created hope was probably the first day he created Spring. 

There’s just something about the springtime that brings a sense of change. And this year has certainly been one of change for me. 

Just last week I stood in my place in the Provincial House of Assembly for the very last time. Talk about change! 

When I started 15 years ago, our boys were just 1 and 5. My wife Anne and I had just celebrated our 8th anniversary. We were a young family full of hope. 

Today, the boys are taller than me! André is 20 and Alec is 16 and Anne and I will soon celebrate 24 years together. My hopes for our future have certainly changed over the years, but one thing remains the same. Whatever the future holds for my family I want us to be able to follow our dreams right here at home. 

Standing in the legislature for the last time was bittersweet. I have loved being an MLA. But I know this to be true, there are things I want to bring home to West Nova and I know I have to go to Ottawa to get them. 

Health care is still our number one issue and it continues to be in crisis. Year after year I have held Stephen McNeil to account for failing our province. Now I want to do the same with Justin Trudeau. 

During the session I was able to ask questions about; Cancer Services at the Yarmouth Regional Hospital: VIDEO, Lack of Anesthesia Services: VIDEO, as well as questions concerning investment in the Wedgeport School, transportation issues and many questions in estimates concerning health care VIDEO and education, particularly French services and CSAP VIDEO .

Ceci, mes amis, est seulement le début.

Pâques est un temps de renouvellement et un temps pour faire un focus au futur. Au Nova-Ouest notre avenir est prometteur.

Je le sais car, je sais que nous sommes fort.  Nos familles doivent recevoir ce que nous desservons.    

Pendant la fin de semaine de Pâques, j'espère que vous avez l'occasion de vous délasser. Nous avons eu un hiver difficile.  Je vous encourage de passer du temps avec votre famille et profiter de la nouvelle saison. 

J'ai hâte pour le dîner de dinde de ma mère. Après ce dîner, je serai ravitaillé et j'ai hâte à vous voir. Je veux vous parler de ce que vous voyez qui est nécessaire pour Nova-Ouest. 

This, my friends is just the beginning. 

Easter is a time of renewal and time to focus on the future. Our future is bright in West Nova. 

I know this because I know our fighting spirit. Hard working families ready to get the piece of the pie they deserve. 

Over the Easter holiday, I hope you all get a moment to refuel. We’ve had a tough winter. I encourage you to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the new season. 

I’m looking forward to my mom’s famous turkey dinner. But then I’ll be hitting the pavement. I can’t wait to seeing you and chatting with you about what you see for our future here in West Nova. 

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Happy Easter!  Joyeuses Pâques!