Conservative motion successful to end unfair disadvantage for Saskatchewan

February 15, 2022
Ottawa, ON — Kevin Waugh, Conservative Member of Parliament for Saskatoon—Grasswood, and Chair of the Conservative Saskatchewan Regional Caucus, and Warren Steinley, Conservative Member of Parliament for Regina-Lewvan and Shadow Minister for Prairie Economic Development, issued the following statement on the passing of today’s Conservative Opposition Day Motion to amend section 24 of the Saskatchewan Act: “The success of today’s motion is welcome news to the people of Saskatchewan. Conservatives have said from the beginning that we will always respect the jurisdiction of our provinces and their right to amend their respective constitutions. “This is the second time Conservatives have asked the Liberal government to remove a longstanding deal imposed by a former federal government to give CP Rail a permanent tax exemption in Saskatchewan. “Today, the voice of Saskatchewan could no longer be ignored. The debate we brought forward resulted in the successful commitment by the Government of Canada to remove this unprecedented tax exemption that was granted before Saskatchewan became a part of Canada and has allowed a big profitable company to pass the tax burden to Saskatchewan citizens for more than a century. “We look forward to supporting efforts that ensure this commitment is carried out by the Trudeau Liberal government, and we will ensure the voices of the people of Saskatchewan are respected. “Conservatives will always be on Saskatchewan’s side, and we will be a voice for all Canadians.”